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Discover genuine connections with yougee: a totally new dating app experience! 💜

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Next-Level Match Search

Escape "the algo" with an elevated AI-enhanced search experience!

  • No more swiping fatigue! Query our state-of-the-art AI, which delves into your interests for thoughtful matches.
  • Forget mysterious algorithms; our AI understands you through text and media to provide you with more authentic connections.
  • Bid farewell to algorithmic downranking – you'll always have a fresh, unbiased start. You can finally just be yourself!

Two Profiles, One Connection

Connect beyond appearances by showing your interests and values – before your face!

  • Public Profile: Mystery is magnetic – express yourself without revealing your face. Showcase your hobbies and passions: your bookshelf, the car you're restoring, or where you last went on a hike – let your personality shine!
  • Private Profile: Your true self – face and all! This profile may only be unveiled to a potential match after building mutual rapport through meaningful conversation.

Match With Meaning, Your Way

  • Messaging Ease: Break the ice, or turn sparks into flames – start conversations effortlessly, paving the way for true love!
  • Filters and Preferences: You're in control – tailor your search for matches that align with your values. Decide your dealbreakers!
  • Premium Features: Because your love story deserves VIP treatment – enjoy additional search filters and message read receipts for an enriched experience. You'll be able to see your secret admirers too!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is AI used in this app?

    yougee's AI analyzes text and media content to infer similarities between users based on shared interests, ensuring connections are built on meaningful common ground. Additionally, yougee's AI is used to automatically detect and remove images containing unsafe or abusive content.

  • No worries! yougee eliminates the fear of judgment, providing a fresh start with every connection, free from the influence of downranking or Elo systems. Your past will not determine your future.

  • Users have a "public profile", which cannot contain pictures of their face, and a "private profile", which must contain pictures of their face. Access to private profiles is a mutual decision made after establishing a conversation: once you've exchanged five messages with someone, and vice versa, a 'Let's meet' button will appear. If both you and your potential match click that button, you will both gain access to each other's private profiles. This consensual approach ensures that privacy is respected, and connections are built on more than just physical attraction.

  • yougee doesn't stop at redefining how you connect; we take it a step further with premium features. Enjoy a multitude of additional search filters to refine your matches, giving you ultimate control over your dating experience. You'll also have message read receipts to add a touch of transparency to your interactions, and access to premium history, so you can see who's been viewing your profile.